Accreditation Requirements


Under the current Legal Profession (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2012, an activity must be a CPD Activity (amongst other things) before it may be considered for accreditation by the Institute.


A CPD Activity must:

  • deal primarily with matters relating to the practice of law;
  • comprise significant intellectual or practical content;
  • seek to extend the practising lawyer’s knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to the practising lawyer’s practice needs; and
  • be conducted by persons who are qualified by practical or academic experience in the subject covered.


Currently, for a CPD Activity to be considered for accreditation by the SILE, such activity must be held in Singapore and be open to all advocates and solicitors to attend, whether for a fee or otherwise.


The organiser should also have a local presence in Singapore since accreditation involves continuing obligations post-event, on the part of the organiser, including an obligation to maintain records for up to three full CPD Years after the event and to submit to audit by the SILE.


Please note that the Institute does not consider for accreditation activities which do not meet the criteria for a CPD Activity.


If your activity would appear, at a glance, to fulfil the requirements briefly summarised above and you are interested in submitting that activity for accreditation by the SILE, kindly send us the following details so that we may assess whether the activity is eligible for accreditation:

  • the topics covered and how the speaker intends to address these topics;
  • a breakdown of the learning objectives for the event;
  • the programme flyer and registration form;
  • information about the speakers;
  • details about your company (including details of any office/point-of-contact in Singapore).


A request for accreditation must be submitted at least least 6 weeks, and preferably 8 weeks before the start of the activity. You must not indicate that your activity is pending accreditation (or make any other indication to that effect) under the SILE CPD Scheme unless authorised by the SILE to do so.


You may contact us using the contact form here.


Learning activities which are accredited by the SILE will be publicised on the SILE’s Calendar of Accredited Learning Activities (‘CALAS’).


Do note that even if your activity is not accredited, it may still be possible for a participant attending your activity to obtain Private CPD Points. This would be subject to the requirements of the Legal Profession (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2012 and Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development Scheme 2017. For this to happen, no further action is required on your part.