CPD Year 2020 Activity Forecast



21 May 2020
[WEBINAR] Practical Course on Stamp Duty Rules for Common Real Estate Transactions
20 May 2020
Construction Adjudication & Amendments to the SOP Act
20 May 2020
[WEBINAR] Cross-border Insolvency in Japan - What's in it for Singapore and Asia
19 May 2020
Developments in Singapore Arbitration
19 May 2020
[WEBINAR] The Role of Lawyers in the Age of Disruption: Emerging Regulatory Challenges
18 May 2020
The emerging importance of Space Law+
15 May 2020
[WEBINAR]: Bills of Lading and Charterparties in International Sale of Goods Transactions+
14 May 2020
An Exchange with Infrastructure Asia: Accelerating Regional Infrastructure Development
14 May 2020
Common Legal Issues in Tax Faced by SMEs
13 May 2020
CML Short Course - Shipping Law Updates: Cases in 2019
13 May 2020
“Negotiating Leadership” by Joel Lee & Tom Schaub+
11 May 2020
[WEBINAR] Financial Condition Analysis
30 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] Singapore Law for Credit Agreements
23 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] Book-Keeping for Law Practices Course
22 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] International Mediator Accreditation Workshop+
20 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] E154: Anti-Money Laundering / Combating The Financing Of Terrorism (“AML / CFT”) Course (Live Webinar)
15 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] Specialist Insight Series: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Law of Assignment
15 Apr 2020
Dealing with Social Media, Fake News, Identity Theft & Defamation Suits+
14 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] Specialist Insight Series: Contracting during a Pandemic: Force Majeure and Other Clauses
13 Apr 2020
[WEBINAR] Understanding Crypto-assets and Smart Contracts

*Mandatory Event
+Multiple-Day Event
^To Be Confirmed (TBC) Event


Activities accredited by SILE will bear the SILE’s Accredited Activity logo together with other details including the SILE’s Attendance Policy. Additional information such as CPD summary (e.g. Public CPD Points, practice area and training level) can be found in the brochure and/or provider's website.