29 Apr 2024

Compliance Audit for CPD Year 2023

SILE’s verification of compliance with CPD requirements for CPD Year 2023 will commence in May 2024.

01 Mar 2024

CPD Declaration for PC/FPC Applications in 2024

Advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore seeking to apply for a Singapore practising certificate (‘PC’) must make one of the three declarations set out under rule 8 of the CPD Rules in the online PC application form. Foreign lawyers seeking to apply for or renew their registration under section 36B of the Legal Profession Act 1966 must make one of the three declarations set out under rule 5(4)(e) of the Regulated Individuals Rules as part of their application in 2024. This advisory clarifies the appropriate declaration to be made by solicitors and s36B Foreign Lawyers seeking to apply for PCs or foreign practitioner certificates (‘FPCs’) in 2024.


02 Feb 2024

Waiver Applications for CPD Year 2023

If you are unable to fulfil your CPD requirements for CPD Year 2023 even with the Extension Waiver and any applicable Deemed Waivers, or if they do not apply to your situation, then you may consider applying for a waiver using the Waiver Application for CPD Year 2023 Form ahead of the renewal of your practising certificate/foreign practitioner certificate in 2024.